Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. It is our pleasure to continue serving our mountain community, which we have done since 1978.

Our Philosophy

At Conifer Medical Center we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The landscape of our economy, our health insurance and our resources to care for ourselves is changing. Many in our community are uninsured or underinsured. We at Conifer Medical Center recognize this, and we are making efforts to reach out to those who would otherwise not take advantage of the proven benefits of preventative medicine. Prioritizing preventative care is even more important when an overnight hospitalization can break the bank. Controlling blood pressure, diabetes, or treating high cholesterol can be very inexpensive, and one of the best investments that one can make. Even more important than controlling such conditions is recognition of risk factors and preventing chronic conditions through healthy living. Conifer Medical Center would like to partner with you in that endeavor.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a specialty that provides comprehensive healthcare for every member of the family. Our doctors manage most acute, chronic or mental health conditions. We work closely with specialists to coordinate care of complex health issues.

About Our Family & Practice

All of our physicians are board certified family practice doctors. We provide quality medical care at reasonable cost and participate with most insurance plans.


Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

When it comes to making improvements in your health, do you tend to be an optimist (the glass is half full) or a pessimist (your glass is half empty)? It?s common to develop a discouraging attitude when previous efforts to change have not resulted in success. I encounter this frequently when talking to people about reaching a healthier weight.

Some common negative thoughts are:
?Something?s wrong with me. I can?t lose weight.?
?It?s not fair that others are naturally skinny and I eat nothing and gain weight.?
?I blew it. It?s impossible to eat healthy.?
?If it weren?t for __________, I could lose weight.?
It?s very helpful to identify common negative thoughts and change them to encouraging statements.

Begin by writing down the thought(s). Then, do a reality check since we live in the real world! Ask yourself if any or all of the thought is true? If the thought is altogether false, tell yourself ?That?s not true. I can lose weight.? Or, ?I didn?t really blow it.?
If the thought is true in whole or in part, then tell yourself the truth and insert a ?however? into the thought to end on an encouraging note. For example:
?Something?s not working well, however I can find a solution and lose weight.?
?It?s not fair that others have an easier time with ____, however everyone has challenges in life to handle.?
?I really overate, however it?s one occasion. I can get back on track.?
?_________in my life is a challenge, however I still have choices.?

A discouraging attitude can become a discouraging belief that is paralyzing. I will have handouts in the kitchen that offer additional strategies along with a self assessment tool. And, if anyone has a critical self thought that seems impossible to counteract, please let me know and we?ll turn it around for you!

You are worth taking care of–

Kathleen Chaffer, RD

New Controlled Medication Policy

Due to changes in Federal Drug Dispensing regulations that are affecting physicians’ offices as well as pharmacies (mail order and retail) our office must change our prescribing and dispensing policy on Schedule III and IV controlled medications. As of June 1, 2013, Conifer Medical Center will no longer be calling or faxing controlled medications (schedule III of IV) to pharmacies. Patients will need to pick-up their prescriptions, or they can be mailed to your home address as well. The prescription will need to be hand-carried to the local pharmacy. Patients will be responsible for mailing their prescriptions to their mail order pharmacies. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.