Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. It is our pleasure to continue serving our mountain community, which we have done since 1978.

Our Philosophy

At Conifer Medical Center we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The landscape of our economy, our health insurance and our resources to care for ourselves is changing. Many in our community are uninsured or underinsured. We at Conifer Medical Center recognize this, and we are making efforts to reach out to those who would otherwise not take advantage of the proven benefits of preventative medicine. Prioritizing preventative care is even more important when an overnight hospitalization can break the bank. Controlling blood pressure, diabetes, or treating high cholesterol can be very inexpensive, and one of the best investments that one can make. Even more important than controlling such conditions is recognition of risk factors and preventing chronic conditions through healthy living. Conifer Medical Center would like to partner with you in that endeavor.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a specialty that provides comprehensive healthcare for every member of the family. Our doctors manage most acute, chronic or mental health conditions. We work closely with specialists to coordinate care of complex health issues.

About Our Family & Practice

All of our physicians are board certified family practice doctors. We provide quality medical care at reasonable cost and participate with most insurance plans.


Food cravings can be a source of confusion and frustration. They can be intense and easily misinterpreted and they often feel out of control. To add insult to injury, cravings are usually for foods that wouldn’t be categorized as “healthy.”

There are several differentiating factors to help you distinguish a food craving from physical hunger. A food craving is usually for a specific food (chocolate) while physical hunger could be satisfied with several different foods. A food craving tends to come on quickly while physical hunger builds with time. Food cravings originate in the mouth and mind and hunger begins in the stomach. Cravings feel urgent while milder levels of hunger can wait. Cravings can be connected with hormonal fluctuations, stressful situations, and triggers such as advertising or deprivation type dieting.

It’s a mistake to assume “If I crave it, my body must need it” or “My craving won’t go away until I give in to it.” Instead, take some steps to understand the origin of a craving and what you really need. I recommend an app called “In the Moment,” that is designed to help lead you toward healthier responses when you want to eat. I also have available, on a desk in my office, a folder labeled “For Your Health– Cravings” that contains a self-guided handout with practical steps for managing urges to eat that aren’t driven by physical hunger . Feel free to stop by and grab one.

In last month’s For Your Health on increasing your intake of produce, I had a question about how many servings are needed daily. The guideline is to have five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. It’s easier to reach the recommendation if you have a pattern to your meals and snacks such as:
1 serving fruit for breakfast (1 serving = medium fruit or 1 cup fruit sections)
1 serving vegetable/salad for lunch (1 servings = .5 cup cooked or 1 cup raw)
1 serving fruit for snack
2 servings vegetable/salad for dinner

I’m happy to get feedback on these topics and if you have a particular area of concern, let me know that, too.

Putting the kibosh on cravings!

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”

Here to help,

Kathleen Chaffer, RD

New Controlled Medication Policy

Due to changes in Federal Drug Dispensing regulations that are affecting physicians’ offices as well as pharmacies (mail order and retail) our office must change our prescribing and dispensing policy on Schedule III and IV controlled medications. As of June 1, 2013, Conifer Medical Center will no longer be calling or faxing controlled medications (schedule III of IV) to pharmacies. Patients will need to pick-up their prescriptions, or they can be mailed to your home address as well. The prescription will need to be hand-carried to the local pharmacy. Patients will be responsible for mailing their prescriptions to their mail order pharmacies. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.